Month: December 2017

Maintaining Good Grades in College

Good Grade

Maintaining a good performance is much harder than acquiring the skill. Getting an A in a midterm, or an A for an essay does not guarantee you will pass the whole semesters well and graduate with a good a GPA.

Smart alone is not enough in college. Good management skill is vital. Here are some tips for you to maintain good grades throughout semesters.

Re-learning how you learn

We have been taking notes and memorizing information since our childhood, and we call those activities as learning. But typically, no one has ever taught us exactly what is the most efficient way to learn a subject. It seems like we are expected to know everything about learning naturally, while in fact, it is a very complicated process that requires a person to know a thing or twos about human psychology and neurobiology.

Here are two learning techniques that can help you to learn more efficiently.

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique

This technique is famous for its interval focus time. The idea was conveyed and developed by Francesco Cirillo, an entrepreneur, author, and an educator in 1980s.

Average human attention span does not exceed twenty minutes. More than that, a person will get distracted by any other things and the learned information will not be as efficiently memorized and understood as if the attention span is less or within twenty minutes.

Pomodoro technique commonly divides a learning session into four intervals of twenty-five minutes. Each interval is separated by five to seven minutes rest. During this resting time, the learner is expected to visualize and organize the information abstractly.

After every session of 4 intervals, a long rest is allowed. You can schedule several sessions or just one for a day, and it is all up to your need.

Mind-mapping technique

Mind-mapTaking linear notes confuses our brain. It works radiantly, and every word that comes up after another represents interconnected concepts. Taking linear notes concerns us mainly with the hierarchy of ideas, which can slow us down.

Mind-mapping encourages us to generate a relevant set of concepts bravely and as much as we can. Then later, we can organize the ideas and evaluate the connection between one and another.

The technique encourages the learner to organize the concepts in one big sheet of paper, rather than in a bookish manner. The latter conceals the connections between ideas, while a mind-map exaggerates it so that all of the information is easier to understand.

Always make one more step ahead of every project

Whenever there is an assignment, it is better always to keep doing your best. For example, when there is a presentation task, you should provide the best data of your argument. Make a convincing case that is supported by precise details. If there are important photos you need to share with your academic colleagues, do not hesitate to print the images using an image paper. It may sound trivial, but lecturers appreciate students who are enthusiastic about their class.

Also, college is all about creating academic writings. Your grade is highly determined by how well you elaborate your argument and do your research. If you feel overwhelmed on researching a topic, you can order several essays from an online essay-writing service. Avoid plagiarism by synthesizing the ideas of the essays. This trick can save your time and will surely make you more well informed than working alone. Technically, you have employed a team to work on your essay.

academic colleagues

Try to be a social person

Being a bookish person during college is alright, but in reality, important information does not circulate only through written sources. Information about the best internship place or scholarship is mostly shared among friends.

You might be a genius, but working hard alone will not you get any important projects either. You need to seek for friends and colleagues that have the same passion as you do.