Month: July 2019

Why a Veteran Might Be Your Next Best Hire

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Military service members have sacrificed a lot to keep their countrymen safe. A lot of them even offered their life for the sake of freedom. Sadly, many veterans struggle to transition from military life to civilian life. One of the main reasons why life is hard for veterans is the fact that finding employment is very difficult.

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Fortunately, private security firms, such as gardaworld exist.  This Canada-based private security firm prefers hiring veterans. Note that a lot of other companies in different industries also prefer hiring former military service members. Let us find out the reasons why business entities should hire veterans.

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Ability to Work Under Pressure

Perhaps the most obvious trait of veterans is their ability to work under extreme pressure. No matter how challenging the mission is, they will do whatever it takes to get the job done. If they were able to survive the unforgiving challenges when they were still in the service, they could surely meet office deadlines, tight schedules, or any other tasks that need to be done against the clock.

Great Work Ethic

A lousy person will not survive the military. If you’re looking for someone who has a great work ethic, then you should think about hiring a veteran. Besides being hardworking, they can also adapt to constant changes. Veterans do not complain. Instead, they will provide results. Moreover, veterans have great attention to detail.

Natural Leaders

One of the reasons why you should hire veterans is that they can become effective leaders. In the military, they were trained to become effective leaders even during the early years of their career. In fact, a lot of them were given high-stress leadership roles. Moreover, they were trained to lead by example. In short, if you’re looking to hire someone who can be a great leader someday, then you should consider hiring a veteran.

Team Players

Back when they were still serving, veterans always operate in a team. They know that if they fail to work as a single team, a lot of problems can arise. What this implies is that these people can be great team players.  On the other hand, veterans can also work well when working independently because military duties involve a lot of individual productivity. Therefore, they can be your go-to-guys if there is something that is needed to be done.

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In summary, hiring veterans is very beneficial because they have a lot to bring to the table. Besides, hiring them is your way of showing gratitude to their sacrifices back when they were still serving. If you’re a former military service member who’s looking for a job, whether security-related or not, you can search for recruitment firms who connects veteran job seekers to potential employers.