Problems Facing e-learning Students

The place flexibility and e-learning’s time has attracted many students to this system of education. However, there are many problems and challenges facing these students. Most of the students encountering these problems have been unable to complete their courses successfully. The following are the main problems facing the online students.

Time management

This is one of the major problems facing online students. The task of managing time an affected many e-learners due to the intensive work and time which is required to complete this course. Even if many adults prefer this program due to its flexibility, they have little time for their studies because of their daily commitments. One can manage time properly by adopting a regular schedule. This will help in reminding the learners about their assignments and courses.


This is one of the elearning essential requirements. Surprisingly, most of the online learners do not have self-motivation. This is the main reason why you find many learners falling behind or giving up with their programs even after enrolling for their different courses. Students are required to have motivation for them to follow the educational trends and face any challenges in their careers and education. A positive attitude is helpful in overcoming the different challenges in elearning, even though this might be hard for some people. A student with appositive attitude will be in a better position of reaping the benefits associated with elearning. Technological literacy and attitude change can help a learner to gain confidence which is needed `for him or her to succeed in his online course.

Technical issues

Online students are required to have a strong internet connection or high bandwidth. This will enable them to enjoy their classes and catch up with their classmates. Students who are not connected to the internet will have problems when following up their classes. To make the matter worse, some students do not have personal computers. This has forced them to seek technical assistance from the learning resource centers. This problem can be solved by knowing the kind of technical support needed for the various online courses before enrolling in them. This will enable students to equip themselves properly for the successful completion of their course.

Computer literacy

Even if students are tech savvy, computer illiteracy is one of the major issues affecting most of the online students. Some of these students are not conversant with the basic computer programs such as PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. This means that they cannot manage or handle their files.